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Compellingly maintain standardized processes without synergistic customer service. Energistically deliver top-line sources with web-enabled ROI.

Enterprise security teams face multiple challenges when attempting to detect, investigate and remediate an advanced attack. Lack of visibility into critical control

points, manual searches through large and disparate data sources that lack context and correlation, alert fatigue from poor signal to noise ratio, and diculty containing the

attack quickly disrupt business-critical processes, impact productivity and increase operating costs.

SentinelOne ActiveEDR™ is an advanced EDR and threat hunting solution that delivers real-time visibility with contextualized, correlated insights accelerating triaging and root cause analysis. The solution lightens the SOC burden with automated threat resolution, dramatically reducing the mean time to remediate (MTTR) the incident. ActiveEDR enables proactive hunting capabilities to uncover stealthy, sophisticated threats lurking in the environment.