Medical Billing

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IH System is one of the pioneers in EMR & medical systems. Medical billing is a procedure of payment practice in various ways for health systems. The process includes the submission and follow-up of claims with the health insurance companies to claim the services offered by the healthcare providers.

IH System concentrates on your entire billing process by implementing our advanced reporting tools and business analytics and ensuring transparency in the claiming procedure. Medical billing is also considered co-paying because sometimes the insurance company will pay completely, but in a few cases, you have to pay part of it. These cases may be in rare situations that lead to a loss of income for the hospitals and also deny the healthcare of the patient. We serve as the predominant medical billing service provider for healthcare institutions to boost revenue targets as specified accordingly by the healthcare providers.

In simple terms, we can define a Medical billing is a process of converting a healthcare service to a billing claim to benefit the individual with the reimbursement. Tech Tammina has a proven competitive efficiency to manage your medical billing services. We have a team of medical billing specialists who have years of experience accompanied by many insurance payers. The medical billing process is determined to be the design of reward for being unhealthy. In fact, this reward helps an individual in different aspects of problems related to healthcare.

One can be confident and brave enough to fight the diseases, surgeries, treatments, etc., to get rid of paying, investing, and spending a lot on hospitals. And this process greatly benefits healthcare providers such as doctors, nurses, orthopedists, or any specialized doctors to follow up on regular claims with insurance companies to receive payment for their rendered services like treatments and investigations. Tech Tammina simplifies this entire procedure in order to satisfy and claim the promises offered by insurance companies. Our perspective is to optimize your overall revenue cycle by ensuring your medical practice is efficiently running with profitability. We came up here to minimize your time spent on claiming tasks, which are consuming more time, while also reducing your administrative burden. Our key goal is to reach your bottom line with a relevant success rate, as expected.


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