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Description of Services

Unlimited On-Site and Remote Support

IHSystem's MSP servive, will provide maintenance and support for the existing hardware and software including all equipment listed in the Addendum as well as installed 3rd party software and a line of business applications. MSP will provide support and troubleshooting for remote access solutions including VPN access, remote desktop and webmail including remote access setup of off-site computers. Our MSP service will make a best effort to resolve as many issues as possible remotely and will come On-Site in the event remote resolution is not possible. Remote support of other staff home computers is included for VPN access to the network provided home computers have current Windows or Apple operating systems and antivirus and are updated regularly. Projects outside the scope of the above to maintain the existing network are billed separately including but not limited to setting up 2nd or additional offices or system changes expanding beyond what is currently in use in the network are beyond the scope of this Agreement. Charges will be billed separately at MSP’s then hourly rate for service, currently $____.

Unlimited Automated Support

Through the use of our MSP service Remote, Monitoring and Management (RMM) software, unlimited support by these systems will be provided. This includes the installation of critical updates for Windows Operating Systems, Apple Operating Systems, Microsoft Office __________. Automated support includes remediation for installed malware, failed services, drive clean-up (temp and unnecessary files), drive optimization, virus, malware and spyware scans, defrags as well as hardware and software auditing. MSP’s remote monitoring and management software will monitor all PC’s that are powered on 24/7 for critical errors. Critical errors will automatically create a Service Ticket in MSP’s ticket management system to be addressed by a technician or MSP’s automation Server which provides automatic response to resolve critical issues. Errors that occur during the maintenance window such as viruses found or machines that are unavailable will trigger a Service Ticket to be automatically created in MSP’s ticket management system.

All time billed by IHSystem MSP’s Automated Support software will be covered under the terms of this agreement.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 licenses will be provided for each user as identified in the addendum. Office 365 Business Premium plan including email hosting with 50 GB mailbox including Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access, SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive and 1 terabyte of storage for file storage and sharing.

Cloud File Sync & Share

File server replacement / enablement software and service provided to augment or replace existing methods of file sharing for both on-site and when remote as an alternative to VPN.

Endpoint Protection / Antivirus

All antivirus licensing is included for Servers, MAC’s and PC’s. Antivirus software is business grade antivirus (Webroot). MSP monitors the antivirus software 24/7 and in the event of a virus/worm/ad-

ware/spyware being detected a ticket will automatically be created in MSP’s ticket management system. MSP will address viruses as requiring an emergency response by a technician to confirm virus removal.

Security Threat Detection and Remediation

Our MSP service provides managed threat detection and remediation services to uncover and address malicious network penetration attempts.

Security Awareness Training

Our MSP service  includes and requires all computer users at client to participate in regular security awareness training as provided through (Webroot). Training may include simulated phishing attacks, instruction in company IT policies and best practices, compliance training and testing.

Cloud Backup

Automatically backs up all current files, email and databases stored on the Servers to a secure online location (Maximum ____GB). Additional gigabytes may be purchased for $ ____ per ___ gigabyte block to be added to the monthly billing. Backups will be performed each night after 11 pm. This includes AES-256 bit DOD Level Encryption of all data. Clients must have a 5 megabyte or higher Internet connection (both upload and download).

Online Cloud Backup

Automatically backs up all files, email and databases stored on the Servers to a secure online location.

Backup Disaster Recovery Appliance

Included in the service is a Backup Disaster Recovery (BDR) Appliance provided by our MSP service to be place in client’s server room that captures snapshots of client servers on a regular interval including its data, operating system application and configuration and replicates those images to a secure cloud location. In the event of a failed server or data loss MSP will use BDR appliance to restore data on-site or at the cloud location.

Monthly Reporting

IHSYSTEM MSP service will provide clients with monthly reporting detailing resolved tickets, patching, antivirus performance, service availability and network reliability.

Virtual CIO

IHSYSTEM will conductquarterly meetings with clients to review ongoing issues, go over upcoming project work, discuss changes in vendors, advise on best practices, create budgets and plan the technology roadmap for the next period.